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Revision History

☑  Fixed redraw bug that caused background lines to appear on toolbar in rare circumstances
☑  Adjustments to binary output in an attempt to prevent false positives by scanners
☑  Build rule changes for streamlined multi-language deployment
☑  Updates to toolchain for future development

☑  Added international versions: French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish
☑  Fixed bug with Compiled EXE process not terminating correctly if interactively stopped
☑  Many modifications to text and caption formatting
☑  Additional information displayed in Compile EXE output report
☑  Added hints in playback key menu about how to emergency stop playbacks
☑  Migrated to new web server with 4x the hardware specs to handle increasing traffic loads

☑  Added "Show/Hide Captions"
☑  Reverted v1.72 rec file association "auto-play" back to just simple "Open File" for safety

☑  Fixed bug with "Play Speed" not being correctly saved or compiled (thanks Y.S. for report)
☑  Fixed issue with fast playbacks (100x) not properly terminating after short recordings
☑  Added File Association option with TinyTaskSetup.exe
☑  TinyTaskSetup > "Add File Association" > double-click .rec file ==> plays recording & ends

☑  Fixed issue with app positioning when moving between multiple PCs with different resolutions
☑  Updated toolbar image colors to avoid transparency on button faces
☑  Preliminary testing for Linux compatibility
☑  Updates to tools used for creating installation file (TinyTaskSetup.exe)

☑  New Feature: User-configurable toolbar graphics
☑  Custom toolbar allows user control over app elements on varying screen resolutions
☑  Upsized default (internal) toolbar from 16x16 to 38x44 pixels; added captions
☑  Added previous toolbar versions for download, also included with setup file
☑  Fixed mouse cursor flashing while hovering over toolbar icons
☑  Fixed problem with TinyTask repositioning on multiple monitors
☑  Modified menu access keys to be more logical (e.g., "Play Custom Speed")
☑  Removed option to disable .INI settings (still 100% portable)
☑  App now shows system Minimize button if there is sufficient room in title bar
☑  Improved error handling and recovery for invalid recordings
☑  Rewritten low-level file management
☑  Updates and optimizations in Compile EXE feature, improved binary header conformity
☑  Removed overly simplistic Help text (future versions/website may add expanded help)
☑  Enhancements to installer "TinyTask_setup.exe"; now designated as preferred download
☑  Corrected system icon display in Windows > Control Panel > Programs and Features

☑  New Feature: Set your own custom playback speeds
☑  Birth of the tinytask.net website
☑  Added installer distribution as new download option ("tinytask_setup.exe")

☑  New additional playback speeds
☑  Changed caption bar from small (palette) to normal-sized
☑  Added "Always on Top" option
☑  Added Alt+Tab support for app switching
☑  Playback now counts down remaining time
☑  Fixed memory error during long recordings
☑  Rewrote many low-level internal functions

☑  Added "Compile EXE" feature
☑  Added Repeat Playback
☑  User preferences stored in portable .ini file
☑  Tiny caption bar (no alt-tab functionality)
☑  Included tooltips when hovering with mouse
☑  Tested by over 100,000 users for stability

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