• Update 2020-Feb-13:   As of today, Google now blocks all emails from tinytask.net to any Gmail recipients (despite having never sent a single unsolicited email). Even blocked for people who had explicit whitelist filters to allow tinytask emails.
And per usual, they provided a stupidly wrong suggestion to fix it. Not the first time google is dumb & abusive.
So, it looks like Google has finally killed TinyTask with their overreach and incompetence:
            1)  They globally block our app download with their "safe browsing" blacklist
            2)  their virus scanners flag our product as malicious
            3)  they disallowed all advertising income
            4)  they block our email communications
            5)  there is nobody to call at google for resolution.
It doesn't seem possible to continue anymore with these barriers. Google is fucking evil. Enjoy the results of unrestricted monopolies, everyone. TinyTask will switch to being developed as a private, internal productivity app.
Thanks to those who supported TinyTask. It's possible it could return someday if Google is finally killed.
Goodbye   :(

• Additional Update:
  This is interesting - it looks like Google is censoring this webpage content.
Notice the difference between DuckDuckGo and Google results, when searching for "TinyTask". Google removes negative mentions of the word "Google" in the preview (even with the search term present in the sentence). DuckDuckGo shows the correct text from this page.
Wait, Google censors?!  Well, it's not like Google censorship has its own dedicated Wikipedia page or anything.

• Update 2020-Feb-12:   Almost finished! Version 1.80 will (hopefully) be released soon.
While testing v1.80, it is becoming obvious that false positives are unavoidable. Nobody programs in low-level C anymore, and nobody creates new PC automation apps. TinyTask is both....so it must be malicious, apparently?
To confirm this theory, here's a simple "Hello World" app written in C, all optimizations deactivated and zero functionality, and definitely not malware, evaluated by Google-owned VirusTotal. Yup, multiple warnings.

And it's not surprising that the crapware "SecureAge Apex" is one that cluelessly says Hello World is malicious. They are a Singapore "artificial intelligence" (lol ok) company that previously insisted that TinyTask is definitely totally 100% a virus, even after they were sent proof & explanations demonstrating that it's not. Cool.
• Update 2020-Feb-08:   Ok, after days of work, the IP address and web reputations of TinyTask are clear. All DNS records are valid and unflagged. (For months now, everything Google demanded for website modifications have been done.)
• Update 2020-Feb-05:   Currently working to get TinyTask website/downloads back online, and bypass Google's "trojan keylogger" blockage
(Note: This whole fiasco started in Dec 2019 when some trigger-happy "security researcher" submitted a false report that TinyTask was a phishing scam (wtf?), and then Google picked it up and propagated the damage.)
thanks jerk